Friday, September 28, 2012

for the weekend

A Bag For All Reasons by Lisa Lam
I'm hoping to get started on a project from this book this weekend! I just have to wait for some hardware to come in the mail.
I've already made one bag from this book and I have a special treat for all of you coming up soon! But, I have to get everything ready for that.... hopefully next week I can share all about it. I'm very excited! :)
weekend project
The patterns and finished bags in this book are done so nicely. The attention to top stitching, hardware, linings and seam finishing is just what I like. I like the projects that I make to look really professional and Lisa does a great job of explaining all the fine details throughout each step.
Anyway... I'm thinking of getting a head start on making some Christmas presents. I know, it seems early, but the way that my weeks fly by, I better get started now if I want to give any handmade gifts this year. I'm hoping that this backpack will be fun to stuff some little girl toys inside and that it will work as a special backpack for one of my nieces to use when visiting friends or family.
my helper who likes to jump in all my pictures!
Aaaahhh... and here's my little boy who loves to jump in all my pictures! He started Preschool last week and has made it quite clear that he'd rather be at home with me. But, he always has the biggest smile and is so happy when I pick him up. He's actually started to laugh and think is't funny about crying during drop off when we talk about school at home. Hmmmm... what a stinker! I sure love being at home with him too but those couple of hours alone are really great!
I hope you have a great weekend and have a little time to sew, too!

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