Tuesday, September 4, 2012

knit socks

It's the first day of school for my oldest two children. 
It's been very calm and quiet around the house today! 
We've had a great summer, full of lots of fun activities for the kids but I am really excited to get back to some things that I like to do in my spare time... like sewing!
This pair of socks got finished up this past week. I started them when the Olympics were on and only made one sock during that time. We loved watching the events, especially the swimming... but I wasn't so good at knitting and watching television at the same time. I had to take out stitches quite often on the first sock.
The pattern is very simple. My sister gave me a skein of this yarn as a birthday gift this year and I wanted to make it into something that I'd use often. Socks seemed fitting... even though I won't be able to wear them with shoes. They'll be perfect for wearing around the house this fall and winter.

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Jeni said...

So awesome Jessica! I hope I can make a pair someday! Love the colors in that yarn :)

d said...

reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, yum!

Jodi said...

love those! Going to forward to my sister who knits so maybe she'll make me a pair!

Maple Garden Quilting said...

These look very cozy and warm. Also great for skidding/sliding on wooden floors as we did as kids. Our Grandma "Grannie" Murphy used to make these for us as kids for Christmas. We loved them too. Again, awesome job. Debbie