Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a couple projects...

Urban Nine Patch Quilt Top
This past weekend I enjoyed a little sewing. It was so nice to be able to put together the Urban Nine Patch blocks into a quilt top! I just need to figure out some quilting ideas for this one. I'm thinking the dark background is going to have to be done separate from the blocks, since a dark brown thread would really show on the bright colors. It'll give me something to think about and come up with a plan for.
Double Wrench quilt blocks
And then, I was looking trough some quilt books from my Grandma and decided to pull some fabrics and start sewing some blocks. The color scheme came from a picture in my "color" board on Pinterest. I occasionally look at that board and am surprised at what I end up pinning there. The pictures all tend to be in the same color groupings... pinks, corals, light blues and greens. I must really be drawn to that color scheme. It's very girly, candy colored and inviting. I'm hoping this quilt top will evoke the same feelings.
fabrics - a
Double Wrench pieces
Double Wrench - blocks
I pulled fabrics from the scrap bins and shelves that I thought would all fit in color scheme. It's been a great lesson for me in mixing collections, colors and patterns. I'm really enjoying the process with this one.
fabrics - b
Double Wrench - blocks on table
The block is called Double Wrench. I'm changing up the pattern a little bit though by adding in more than one pattern per block. The one in the book had a single print per block and a white center square.
Hopefully I have some more sewing time this weekend, too. This week is ending up pretty busy with other stuff but I'd like to get back to this project soon!


Britt-Inger said...

Oh I love your twist on the Double Wrench block.
I think I want to test some from my stash
Thank you for sharing

Melia Mae Quilting said...

I love your double wrench blocks! I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Mary said...

Looks like Depression-era scrap quilt! Love!

Jeanie said...

As always, you inspire!

Laurie said...

Really lovely projects and fabrics in this post! So glad you are back to blogging.

Deborah A said...

I am thrilled to see you blogging projects again. I love your colour choices, pattern choices and seeing your projects come together. I must research the Double Wrench blocks as yours look beautiful

Staci said...

Love love your double wrench! Great decision adding color to the center. Makes the block more interesting. Pretty fabric choices, too.

Carrie P. said...

very pretty fabrics in your blocks. I find that I am drawn to the certain colors too.

Suzanne said...

Your blog is one of my favorites. I love every project you post!