Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Double Wrench Baby Quilts

Double Wrench Baby Quilts - a
Over the weekend and the past few days I've been working on these quilts! Making blocks, sewing quilts tops together and getting them all ready for quilting. I made quite a few blocks to begin with and decided once I had them all spread out on the floor to turn them into two baby quilts. The colors just fit perfectly for that type of quilt... as you can see, one has a blue print border and the other has a pinky peach paisley print border. They're so cute and I can't wait to make some binding for them and finish them up!
Double Wrench Baby Quilts - b
Double Wrench Baby Quilts - c
Double Wrench Baby Quilt - peach paisley
Today, I'm quilting my Farmer's Wife quilt. I had some time this weekend to baste it since we were without electricity for most of Saturday. It feels good to be finishing up that project... looks like I finished that quilt top in June of 2012!
Seems like I'll have quite a few finished quilts to show you soon.
Happy Sewing,


Karen said...

The baby quilts are adorable! Its a great block. So happy to see you blogging again.

Sinta Renee said...

I just finished two chun dash quilts... and now you make me want to make another one... I love the little twist that makes this look so different. Cute cute cute!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad that you are blogging again. I always look forward to seeing what you create.

Leila said...

These are so sweet. I love the color combos!

Teri said...

I love these. Darn you, I have enough projects to do and now I want to do this, too.

Melia Mae Quilting said...

Gorgeous! I absolutely love how these turned out!

Jeanie said...

Lovely! You make the best quilts- such great color sense. Glad you are posting again!!!