Friday, January 17, 2014

The Great Couch Makeover

Hello! As you can see, I've been busy sewing over the past week. 
The extended Christmas vacation with the kids ended up inspiring me to clean up my basement. My kids had two extra days off; the first day they made a huge fort that took up the entire basement. It was great fun for them and kept them well entertained inside. The next day we cleaned everything up and I decided to have them help me go through toys. Then I tried moving the furniture around the room and finally decided to make a slipcover for the couch. I've been wanting to do that for a long time, but for some reason it always seemed overwhelming and costly. I started looking around for a premade slipcover, but I knew I would always hate how sloppy it would look. When I came across a canvas ticking stripe fabric at my local fabric shop for under $4.00 per yard, I decided to give it a try. It was a very stiff fabric off the bolt, but washed up beautifully soft!
The couch was in good shape structurally, but was in bad shape with the upholstery. The color wasn't good and the fabric was just worn out. It's probably 12 to 14 years old... high time for a makeover!
I'm so thrilled with the results! I started by making new covers for the cushions. At first I wasn't going to add all the piping but after finding some pictures on Pinterest of ticking stripe slipcovered furniture, I knew I had to take the extra time to add it in. It was well worth it and not that hard to do.
The entire project took me about a week to do. Making the slipcover for the base was the hardest part for me. I came across this blog and her beautiful work really inspired me to keep going. I pinned all the fabric to the base inside out and then sewed a few seams, added piping where I wanted and then sewing a few more seams in between fittings on the couch. It was a tedious and slow process for me, but I think it was necessary for the kind of fit I wanted in a slipcover. To easily remove the base slipcover, I added a zipper at the back corner. All the cushion covers have zippers, too.
The pleated skirt around the bottom is my favorite part! That just finishes it off and makes it look so professional.
My sister and I found this rug at Marshall's and I had to get it. The colors match perfectly and it's actually an indoor/outdoor rug. It's surprisingly soft and I thought it would be good since the kids use this area quite a bit.
So, this part of the basement is still a work in progress, but it looks a thousand times better with the new slipcover. I'd love to find a new shade for the milk glass lamp, make some new pillows for the couch and I need to hem those drapes (they're pinned up right now). They're ones from another part of the house that I wasn't using anymore. I made them quite a long time ago but they fit in pretty good in this room, too.
I've tallied up the amount of materials needed for the slipcover. I thought you may find it interesting!
21 yards of fabric
31 yards piping
3 spools of upholstery thread
2 spools serger thread
5 upholstery zippers
+ countless hours of fitting & sewing

Thanks for visiting with me here. I hope you've enjoyed seeing the couch makeover!


the Domina said...

Looks great, Jess! I know how slow the process goes, fitting then sewing then fitting some more. But you did a wonderful job!

jeanne e. said...

wow! that turned out great! nice work. and congratulations on having the patience and "stick-with-it-ness" to do it right with all that piping...beautiful!

Lisa said...

Such a big job and it turned out great! Love the piping!

Anonymous said...

Impressive and rewarding!

Shelley Anderson said...

SUPER IMPRESSIVE! You did a great job! I love the pleat ruffle along the bottom. I just dropped one off a pleat ruffle one like that today!

Kara said...

Amazing! I actually have a chair that Shelly slipcovered. Yours looks as great as hers do!

Patti said...

Jess you have done an amazing job. Well done you!!!

Ms De said...

You did a fabulous job! I've been so wanting to do this for my couch but been putting it off! This makes me want to attempt it!!

Rebana Jepara said...

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Glinda ♥ said...

What wonderful work - and it looks so professional! Great fabric choice (and a bargain too!) but you're right - it's the piping and pleated skirt that complete the overall look.

Miggsie said...

Fantastic work! I am so impressed with how perfectly it fits and how stylish and professional it looks. Awesome job!!

Jacki said...

Looks amazing!!! Great job!!!

Blue.Ridge.Girl said...

Your slipcover turned out so beautifully! It really does look professionally made...hooray you! I admire your brave spirit in taking this project on :o)

Simply Sandy said...

Looks so professional. A brand new couch. You should be proud.