Friday, May 16, 2014

Quilted Euro Shams

The pillow on top of the pile really inspired this all. I made this quilt a long time ago (Oh my, I can't believe I finished this in early 2011) and had always intended to make some quilted shams to go with it so I could have a complete bedding set. When I found this pretty pillow on clearance (at TJ Maxx... love that place) I didn't exactly have a place for it. When I brought it home, I realized it went perfectly with the chartreuse color of some of the Hope Valley prints. So, this week I set out to sew/quilt up some new shams in my spare time.
I quilted the fronts and backs of the pillow cover just like you would a quilt. I then added a piece of fabric to cover the pillow form and some ties for the side. The shams are bound just like you would a quilt. Super simple and pretty to look at.
If you want to make something like this for your own home, I'd suggest cutting the binding that covers the layers of the front and back a 1/4" larger than you normally would. I usually cut quilt binding at 2.5" but for the outside of the sham (the three sides that are sewn together...not the side with the ties) I cut it at 2.75". It just gave me a little more room to account for the bulk of two layers of batting and extra fabric. Hopefully that makes sense. Otherwise it's a simple project to make. One I should have done a long time ago so I could have used this quilt more frequently!


suemac said...

Beautiful shams. Hope Valley is one of my favorite lines.

the Domina said...

Thanks for posting this! I just bought fabric to make shams, too, but wasn't sure how to proceed. You've given me some ideas. They look beautiful - and love that yellow pillow. :)

Shar said...

I really like these! I'm making a set for my mom for Christmas. I just couldn't come up with what I really wanted. Everything just was always the same. This is a great idea!