Wednesday, June 4, 2014

knitting again

Yarn by The Plucky Knitter
Sometimes I feel like I get easily distracted in making things and switch around to many different projects throughout a week. The past week or so, I've been knitting. Maybe it's the pretty, soft yarn that calls to me or maybe it's because it's a portable project that I can bring in the car with me while driving the kids around town and waiting for them at swim practice. School is so close to being out for the summer. I hope that I can arrange some more sewing time during the afternoons.
I'm working on a sweater called Hitofude (you can find it on Ravelry). It's a wonderful pattern and this is my second time knitting it. I rarely make the same thing twice. But I have loved the first one so much that I decided to put up with knitting another. The first one I finished probably a month ago now. I have yet to get some pictures of it on, but that's on my to-do list soon.
This is quite the fascinating pattern to knit. At this point in the project, I have just seamed the sleeves and am now knitting in the round for some ribbing. It is so fun to see this sweater develop. Next I'll have to bind off some stitches for around the neck and work back and forth to knit the body.
I'll be back soon with some quilting and sewing projects because I have been working on some of those, too!


knottygnome said...

beautiful! i love the lace pattern.

Jeanie said...

That yarn color is beyond beautiful!!!!!!! Plucky is the best:)

Miss Holly said...

oh my gosh...this is such a beautiful pattern!!!!