Tuesday, June 10, 2014

this week...

This week... the kids are done with school for the summer, but I'm determined to get in some sewing time! 
First up was another zippy pouch (tutorial from Anna at Noodlehead) but this time I made an extra large size. I added 2" to the large size pouch dimensions (just like the differences between the small, medium and large sizes).
I always have so much fun pulling out the bag of selvages I've saved. I think this is probably my favorite way to use them. It really shows them off without them being too busy in a project. 
I managed to fit 5 skeins of yarn inside without it being too overstuffed. This will be a great sweater knitting bag!
Up next is some slipcover making! These are cushions from a glider or a rocking chair. They will each be individually slipcovered, the little blue stripe for the ottoman and the floral for the chair cushions.
I think this will be a fun project and I can't wait to show you the transformation!
Happy Sewing,

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the Domina said...

I've been saving my selvedges for a project just like this, too! Yours turned out great - and the yarn looks delicious too. :) What are you knitting?