Friday, September 19, 2014

Dining chair slipcovers

Well, I'm officially back to slipcover making, sewing and quilting! Earlier this month, I sent all of my kids to school. It's been the first time in 15 years that I haven't had a little one by my side all day long. My oldest started high school, my oldest son started 6th grade and my youngest son started kindergarten. That has been such a great accomplishment for me and I'm so happy to see them enjoying school and learning from their wonderful teachers. It has been an adjustment for me (boy, the house is quiet during the day!) but I'm am learning to appreciate the time and peace. I have always loved being creative and I'm going to put these hours during the day to good use!
Last week, I made these four slipcovers for some parson chairs.

The little pleated skirt on all of them was so worth it! I love the contrasting piping and little pleated skirt. 

I hope you'll join me here more often as I'll be posting more about my sewing and slipcover making.
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