Thursday, April 30, 2015

Slipcover Workshop

Shelley's Studio Space
This past weekend, I had the treat of travelling to the Salt Lake City, UT area for a Slipcovering Workshop hosted by Shelley of Slipcovers by Shelley. I wanted to attend so that I could learn how she runs her business and to pick up some tips and tricks with making and sewing slipcovers. But, I think I learned so much more than that! 
The Workshop portion of the trip was held on Friday and Saturday but Meredith (one of the attendees) and I did a job shadowing day on Thursday. We asked all sorts of questions about how Shelley runs her business and just generally picked her brain on all aspects of slipcovering. It was a wonderful way to answer all my questions and see first hand to things can be done... especially since I don't know a lot about the business aspect of all of this. But, I'm learning and that's the important part. I'm glad to have Shelley as a mentor and I'm so grateful that she is so open and generous with her knowledge.

On Friday and Saturday we (Shelley, me and three other attendees) gathered to work on a slipcovering a piece of furniture. Shelley found this wing back rocking chair for me to work on. I wanted something that would challenge me (lots of curves) and since I haven't slipcovered a wing back chair yet, this was perfect.

Here's the set up that we had in the studio. We each took over a corner...Amy in the upper left, Vicki in the upper right, Meredith in the lower right and me in the lower left. Shelley started demonstrating on the blue and white chair in the front and then we were all off to start our own chairs.
Here's what mine ended up looking like. It was too bad I couldn't take it with turned out really cute!
I did a box pleated skirt around the bottom (I ripped off the old skirt that was there).
There wasn't even a need for a zipper on the back of this one. Since the tuck ins on the front wings are large enough it just slips on and off easily.
Shelley, Meredith, Amy and Vicki were such a nice group of women to spend time with. I'm so thankful I was able to attend and I'm excited to apply the things I've learned!

Yesterday I worked on rearranging my sewing area and tonight I'm looking at adding another industrial machine to my collection... a blind hemmer. :) I hope that turns out well, I think it would be nice to have for the future.

Happy Sewing,


the Domina said...

What a great opportunity to learn - and your slip cover looks wonderful!

Mary Burnette said...

Came out beautiful! My mother has this exact Wing back chair with the dots and she so much wants it covered. How much would it cost for me to have you possibly make one from a nice pretty solid fabric and mail it to me. She would love it and I know this is not an accomplishment for me. Mary

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