Thursday, May 28, 2015

Vignette Mini Quilt

Today was one of those days where I just needed something new and fun to work on for a little while. Laura Gunn so kindly shared with me some of her new fabrics several weeks ago. I've been thinking about them ever since and today I just decided to cut into them and try something out! 

The fabrics are from Laura's collection called Vignette by Michael Miller Fabrics. I had a sampling of fabrics from a colorway that includes lots of pretty blues, oranges and greens. There are a couple prints in that have flowers in little glass bottles that are so cute and many others that have great textures. I used a gray texture print for the background on this little quilt and a green one for the back side.
For this little quilt, I drew out a petal shape and used that to cut out all my pieces. I layered the two texture fabrics with a piece of batting on the inside and pinned all the petal shapes through the layers. I just stitched around the petal shapes leaving about a 1/4" border. Then I cut out the mini quilt leaving a border around it all and threw it in the wash! 
I quite like the raggedy edges. It's casual and fun and just what I needed for a couple hours today!
Happy Sewing,


suemac said...

Very cute. What a great idea and pretty quick too.

Jodi said...

Very nice! I love Laura Gunn's style. Can't wait to get some of her new fabrics.

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i like it