Tuesday, May 26, 2015

White Linen Pillows

I've been doing some sewing for my own home over the weekend and today! I purchased some white linen fabric and used it to make a couple of pillows. I'm interested to see how the linen wears and softens over time since I've seen some really pretty linen slipcovers online.
The first pillow is made using bias cut strips of fabric that are sewn onto the pillow top in a lattice pattern.
I simply drew lines on the pillow front with a pencil and top stitched the bias strip through the center. Super simple and I think it really makes a nice textured design. I kind of roughed up the edges to make it a little more crinkly and worn look. Hopefully it will only improve over time!
The second pillow has a box pleat all around the outside. It's also simple and pretty. I like to think the texture of the linen fabric is best shown off that way.

Here they are all ready to be put to use!
fabric source: European 100% Washed Linen White from Fabric.com
While I was outside taking pictures this morning, I came across these mushrooms. We seem to have so many different mushrooms that pop up throughout the seasons. I'm thinking I should take more pictures of them just for fun. There seems to be an amazing variety and it might be fun to do a little picture book of them at some point. I'm not sure it will ever happen, but it's a nice thought. :)
I know I've been seeing tons of peony pictures already but here are mine so far this year. There are many more buds than last year and of course, I can't wait for them to bloom!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I love your linen pillows...fresh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the promise of your peony photo. My uncle was a wholesale flower farmer when I was a kid and peonies were a specialty. Haven't seen many since I moved to the West Coast and then TX, but I do really love them. Hope you post again when the blooms come. And peonies in the house are a true luxury. Enjoy! Stephani in N. TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

Kim said...

Your pillows are so pretty - I especially love the lattice one! Great tutorial :)

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