Hello and welcome!
You have reached the blog of twins, Jennifer and Jessica. We love to sew, quilt, design and play with vintage crafts.

This blog is mostly written by me (Jessica - on the right in the pict. above), and Jennifer pops in whenever she can. She's very busy raising three young children (all of them 3 yrs old and under)! 
I'm married and have 3 children of my own, a 11 year old daughter who likes to sew with me, a 8 year old son who loves Lego's and a 2 year old son who likes to get into everything! They keep me busy most of the day, but I do like to have some time every day to be creative.
(me and my husband)
We live on the west side of Michigan near the Lake Michigan shoreline. It's a beautiful area with distinct seasons. In summer, we love to spend family time at the beach. In winter, the kids love to ski and I like to warm up by the fire.

I hope you enjoy the twin fibers blog and feel inspired to create something wonderful of your own.

If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail us at twinfibers(at)gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting with me!